Do you want to Train Your Dog to Respond to Their Name? After you get home a new puppy or adopt an adult dog, you would surely want to name them.

You can start training your dog on how to respond to their name once they are comfortable in their new home. It usually takes just a few days. Post which you can easily start training them at home, just by following some simple steps.


Some Prerequisites: 

There are only three prerequisites before you start this exercise.

1)A calm environment which is distraction free and there are minimum chances of interruption.

2)Treats/ small pieces of boiled chicken or paneer or any other treat that your dog is fond of.

3)Lots of patience from your end.

Steps to Train Your Dog to Respond to Their Name:

A lady training a puppy sitting face to face on green grass

Step 1: Once you are in a calm and distraction free environment, start with spending some time playing with your dog. It is important to engage them with whatever you say or do.

Step 2: Draw your dog’s attention by making some sound by knocking on the floor/ table with a pen or with some other object. Your dog is very likely to stop doing whatever he/she was doing and look at the source of the sound. By doing this you can teach your dog to pay attention to the source of a sound.

Step 3: Repeat this for 2-3 times or even more. Once your dog learns to pay attention to the source and looks at it, stop the sound and say the name. This will help your dog to associate with the name. Say ‘Yes’ or use the Clicker to register the desired action and give a small piece of treat. This creates a positive association for your dog . Next time you do this, they would know that something good (like a delicious treat) is coming their way. Repeat this for 5-6 times more.

Step 4: After you dog associates well with the name, casually while playing with your dog, say the name and observe your dog’s reaction. Whenever  your dog looks at you on hearing the name, say “Yes” and immediately give a small piece of easily chewable treat. Shower praises in soft tone to make your dog understand that it was the desired result and that he/she has done a good job.

Step 5: Repeat this exercise at least 5 times a day and reward every time by lots of  praises and treats. Dogs can sense it very quickly when their actions are being praised or discouraged.

Points to Remember:

Do not give any additional instruction (like sit, lie down etc.) during this training phase. Be very consistent and regular with the training. Have some patience. Your dog may not understand what you are trying to tell them initially. Do not be upset or discouraged. It will come to them naturally. Dogs are by nature very disciplined and they quickly pick up if you follow a routine. Keep it simple and easy to understand so that your dog learns it quickly.

A lady wearing blue jeans and brown top, training a dog put on leash



Question 1)

Why is it important to train your dog to respond to their name?

Answer: Your dog needs to learn that when you say his name, he/she should pay attention to you. It is very important first step before you introduce some basic commands or instructions to your dog.

Question 2)

Can I do this by myself or do I need a professional trainer for this?

Answer:  You can easily do this at home by yourself without necessarily requiring help of a trainer. Especially for young puppies their parents are their first teachers. The bond you share with your dog makes it  easier to establish a routine and the discipline.


You can refer to this video to learn how Clicker Training method works for your dog’s training.

Happy Training!