Being a first time pet parent, you may wonder what all things you need to keep handy, on the day you bring home a new puppy. This New Puppy Checklist addresses this concern for you.

Have a look at the list and make sure that everything is in place to avoid any confusion later on.


The New Puppy Checklist contains a basic set of essential items that you and your puppy would need once you start living together. Let’s go through it one by one.

1) Dog Food-

Puppies are frequent eaters. Unlike adult dogs, who usually need 2-3 meals a day, puppies need to be fed several times a day. You need to buy puppy food from a reputed brand according to your choice.

Feed them as per the recommended portion size and schedule as written on the packet of food or as your veterinarian suggests. You may also ask your veterinarian about which brand’s dog food to buy.

2) Feeding bowl-

You need to get two separate bowls for your puppy. One is for food and the other for water. Avoid feeding them in plastic bowls. Buy stainless steel bowls of the required size. For small puppies, a bowl of 500 ml capacity would be enough.

3) Puppy pad-

Puppies need more frequent toilet breaks than adult dogs. Expect some accidents inside the house during the initial days. Even if you start with a toilet training routine right away, it will take some time for them to learn.

So keep puppy pads handy. Place it on the floor around a corner of the room. You may need to place the puppy on the pad several times a day, for them to get used to using it.

4) Dog Crate-

Your puppy needs some time to adjust to a new home & new environment. During this time, a crate can be very useful. But make sure that you learn how to introduce it to your puppy in a positive way.

If you have a house help and he/ she is not pet friendly, or if you live in a small apartment and there are guests around, you may need to confine your puppy in a crate for a while.

5) Chew toys-

Puppies tend to bite playfully and chew on almost everything during their teething phase. Chew toys are not only helpful to keep them engaged but also to keep their jaws strong, keep off bad breath etc.

6) Towels & Dog Blanket-

Puppies are just human babies. You may need to clean them several times a day and wash your hand before and after holding them, playing with them. Keep a few hand towels aside for this purpose.

You would also need a warm, soft blanket to place on their bed. Keep an additional blanket in case your puppy urinates on it accidentally.

7) Dog Collar-

Buy any basic dog collar according to the size of your puppy. Make sure that it is not too tight. Avoid putting leather collars on your puppy during the initial days as it may be too harsh for their soft and sensitive skin.

8) Stain & odor remover-

When and if your puppy urinates inside the house, you need to clean the surface thoroughly. It leaves a very strong smell and if there is any odor after cleaning, it will encourage your pup to go to the same spot again.

Try to use a good quality ammonia free stain and odor remover to ensure there is no lingering smell.

9) Pooper Scooper-

Get a Pooper Scooper to clear off their poop. You may also manage without it, but it is more hygienic and easy to use.

Clean the tool after every use as any residue can invite insects and it can be messy later on to clean up.

10) Small Garbage bags-

Lastly, buy a bunch of small garbage bags to safely dispose off their poop. Properly seal it before disposing off. Please make sure to dispose it within a day or the fecal matter may start to decompose.


These are some basic things from this New Puppy Checklist that you need to be ready with. Additionally, keep in touch with a veterinarian in your area. You may need to contact them often and also need to pay a visit soon to start with the vaccination of your puppy.

You can refer to this informative video for guidance on what and when to feed your puppy.

Happy Pawrenting!