Rabbits are excellent as pets. They can be a perfect companion for you especially if you have a small family or if you live alone. Before you decide to bring home a cute little bunny, it is important to gather sufficient information on How to Take Care of a Rabbit. It will help you to prepare your home for your bunny buddy and also give you an idea about the time & commitment it requires to Take Care of a Rabbit.


Let’s get started and look into some basic details like temperament of rabbits, their food Habit, health Issues, grooming requirements and more.

Rabbit as a Pet-

Rabbits are gentle, affectionate, social animals. They do have some specific requirements like socialization. However, they ask very little if you compare it to the joy and happiness they bring in. While you prepare yourself to Take Care of a Rabbit, it is important to note some specific traits of rabbits in a domestic environment.

Image of a Pet Rabbit

They are aware of their size and may feel threatened around large animals. In case you want to adopt a rabbit as a second pet then socialization at an early age works best. You can also opt for fostering with all guards up to see if they can adjust well in your existing set up. You may need to spend adequate time to ensure that they do not feel lonely and get destructive. If you take care of  their basic requirements then a rabbit can be your perfect companion and an excellent pet.

Temperament & Lifespan-

Rabbits are usually curious, affectionate and active animals. However, their personality may vary depending on their age, level of socialization, past experiences and other factors. A well socialized rabbit can be very confident and curious in nature. Whereas a bored, under-socialized rabbit can be destructive, shy or timid. They express affection in their own way and it may take some time to bond with them. But once they feel secure around you and also in their surroundings, they may demand more cuddles than you expect. The average lifespan of rabbits vary between 5- 8 years. But they are also known to live beyond 12 years. Before you bring home a rabbit as a pet, make sure that you can take care of them for as long as it requires.

Curious Pet Rabbit- Standing on hind legs

Feeding Guidelines-

Rabbits require a diet containing high fibre and low protein. It is important for you to make a note of this while you Take Care of a Rabbit. Good quality Grass/ Hay should be the main constituent of a rabbit’s daily diet. Make sure that the grass is particularly safe for them and do not contain any harmful elements. Always double check with a vet before you prepare a diet chart for a rabbit. If their existing diet plan has any issue then a vet can point it out to you beforehand.

Rabbit Food

Apart from that, you may also feed them some leafy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, parsley etc but in small amounts. Please do not feed them fruits with high sugar content and all human food items. This is something you need to take care of all the time. Such food items can severely impact a rabbit’s digestive system. A well-balanced diet is an inevitable part for a healthy, well-fed rabbit. If you have any confusion regarding your rabbit’s diet or if you notice any digestive issues in them then immediately consult with your veterinarian.

Prepare a Safe Living Area-

As I mentioned earlier, rabbits are well aware of their size and the limitation of their physical strength. Being prey animals , they have a tendency to feel anxious or afraid around larger animals. It may include your other pets like cats, dogs etc. Therefore it is very important to make a safe space in your house once you start to Take Care of a Rabbit. It should be like a ‘safe heaven’ for them that they can easily and willfully access whenever they want. Rabbits usually like to make their nest and a wooden hutch can be a great choice for this. You can either buy a Rabbit Hutch from the market or build it by yourself at home.

Image of a rabbit in a rabbit hutch

Grooming Requirements-

Grooming requirements of rabbits vary depending on the nature of their hair. Naturally, long-haired rabbits have more grooming requirements than short-haired ones. Rabbits shed more during certain times of the year. Take extra care during seasonal changes, extreme weather conditions etc. It is important to make a thorough grooming schedule while you Take Care of a Rabbit. Just like cats, rabbits also groom themselves but you should not leave it entirely on them.

Carefully check their ears for infection at least once a week. Check their coat for fleas and brush at least 2-3 times a week. Please do not use the same kind of brush that you use for pet dogs. There are specific type of brush available in market that is suitable for rabbits. Get few of those and make a sincere effort to their grooming requirements.

Health Issues-

Some common health issues that may affect rabbits include- Gastrointestinal diseases, Dental decay or cavity, Sore Hocks/ Bumblefoot, Parasite infection like Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease or RHD, both internal infections like worms and external like skin infection from tick/ flea bite etc. If you notice any discomfort in your pet’s health then please do start with a home remedy if you do not have adequate knowledge in this field. Straightaway make a visit to the veterinarian and ask for a thorough check up of your rabbit. Rabbits are delicate animals and misdiagnosis may make them go through unnecessary sufferings and discomfort. While you Take Care of a Rabbit, make sure to take special care of these factors.

Socialization Requirements-

Rabbits are social animals by nature. They like to live in groups and may feel sad or depressed if they have to live alone for a long time. Pet parents usually prefer to adopt rabbits in pairs for this reason. If you think you may not be able to give them adequate time then you can also consider this. A lonely, bored rabbit may also be destructive. Due to their small size and flexible body, it is very difficult to limit their access. So it is better to consider this factor before you start to Take Care of a Rabbit or bring them home.

A Pair of Rabbits Socializing

Additionally, make sure to spend some time playing and bonding with your rabbit on a regular basis. Like all living beings, they also have emotional requirements and a loving soul to nurture. Once they trust you, they may express love and affection in a very unique way. It may include just sitting quietly by your side or crawling up on top of your head. If you nurture their socialization requirements from the very beginning, they will be very active, happy and confident pets.


These are some basic details that you need to know before you adopt a rabbit. Rabbits are low-maintenance, friendly, loving pets. But don’t underestimate them due to their size. Those power-packed active goofballs can be very active and your energy may often fall short of theirs. Those long ears and crystal eyes have many unexplored secret powers. Are you ready to explore them?

Happy Pawrenting!