Cockatoos are funny, moody and mischievous birds. These beautiful birds are a popular choice for bird lovers due to their affectionate nature, excellent trainability and talent of speaking. If you are considering adopting Cockatoos as Pets, this article is for you. Here we will discuss the most important aspects like nature of Cockatoos as Pets, how to care for a cockatoo, their care guidelines, common health concerns and much more.


Cockatoos as Pets-

Cockatoos are very sensitive birds. They require a lot of attention from their owners. Consider them just like a baby, who thrives for pampering, love and constant entertainment. However, there can be a negative side of this as well. Before you adopt a cockatoo, make sure that you are able to devote adequate time for them. Though all pets are precious and their innocent souls deserve a lot of nurturing, taking care of a cockatoo requires much more time commitment than taking care of a dog or cat.

Cockatoo as Pets

Cockatoos are funny and affectionate in nature in general. However, they have a tendency to be very loud when they are bored or irritated. They do not like it if they feel neglected or ignored. If you find a pet cockatoo plucking their features then it is a sign of their frustration due to boredom. Sometimes this may also involve some health concerns. But if you devote adequate time & attention to them, cockatoos are very playful and excellent companions. They will make sure to entertain you and make you laugh with their funny personality traits. In short, you can get a glimpse of all kinds of moods in those adorable, expressive eyes from time to time.

The average lifespan of a cockatoo is 40 years. So if you plan to have Cockatoos as Pets, get ready for a long-term commitment irrespective of your relationship status.

Common Health Concerns of Cockatoos-

Some common health concerns of Cockatoos as Pets include – dry skin, bumblefoot, psittacine beak and feather disease, fungal infections etc. However, do not panic by looking at the list. With good care and grooming you can easily keep many common diseases off the list. Make sure to be in touch with your veterinarian from the very beginning. Even if you come across the slightest of health concerns, try to fix it at an early stage.


Caring for a Pet Cockatoo-Some Basic Guidelines-

Before you make up your mind to have Cockatoos as Pets, make sure to buy a few important things. First in the list is a cage made of wrought iron. The material of the cage is very important as the beak of cockatoos are very hard. They can easily bend the lines of the cage if the material is not strong enough.

Second is two small bowls made of stainless steel. One each for food and clean drinking water. Both of the bowls need to fit well inside the cage, leaving enough room for your ‘beloved’ to move and roam around. Also please note that cockatoos are very social in nature. Please do not confine the for long in a cage. A cage should act like a safe den for them and not as a place for confinement.

Cage for Pet Cockatoos

Next in the list is a good number of bird toys to keep them engaged. There are many brands of bird toys available in the market. Choose one of your choices. Just keep in mind that the material should be safe for birds and should not be made of cheap plastic.

Lastly, to make it easier for both you and your pet, make sure to install a few tree stands at different places in the house. It will help them to engage in some playful climbing activities. At the same time, you can get a quick break to finish your other ‘not so important’ works apart from your full time job which is to take care of your boss bird.

Popular Breeds of Pet Cockatoos-

There are around 21 known varieties of cockatoos all over the world. The most common variety of cockatoos are found in white, black and grey colours. However they can have shades of different colours on their head, crest or tail. Some of the most popular breeds of Cockatoos as Pets include- Citron Cockatoo, Sulphur-crested cockatoo, Goffin’s cockatoo etc.

Pet Cockatoo Breeds

Feeding Guidelines for Pet Cockatoos-

Pet Cockatoos’ diet includes a lot of things like fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds etc. Apart from these, bird experts recommend that a good portion of their diet should include balanced nutrition. It may be in the form of specially formulated pellets for birds. Grains & legumes can also be in this list. If you are new in the club as a bird parent, make sure to consult with a professional veterinarian or bird expert for specific feeding guidelines.

Feeding Guidelines for Pet Cockatoos

This is all you need to know when you consider adopting Cockatoos as Pets. In the coming days, we will cover some more tips and guidance on cockatoo care. Till then, prepare yourself and your home to welcome the boss bird of your life. Pamper them with all the attention and care. Sometimes it is good to have someone to boss around..isn’t it?

Happy Pawrenting!