Weather extremity is a new reality that the world is grappling  with these days. Extreme variations of weather & the frequent cold waves may raise your concern about How to Keep Your Cats Warm in Winter. Being a pet parent, I understand your concerns. This article offers  some tips for protecting your cats from the weather extremities. So keep your worries at  bay for a while. Follow these tips to sail through those chilly winter nights comfortably with your feline friend.


When to Take the Precaution in Winter-

While you explore the best practices on How to Keep Cats Warm in Winter, you need to know how much cold cats can bear. Cats can bear with a certain level of exposure to the cold on their own. Their fur provides them with the first layer of protection. However, during the colder days of winter when the temperature drops below 7 degrees, they need your help to find a comfortable, warm corner in your house.

Keep Your Cats Warm in Winter

You need to adopt some preventive measures both indoors and outdoors to protect them from extreme cold. Let’s explore more to know some specific details about How to Keep Cats Warm in Winter.


Provide them with a Cosy and Comfortable Bed-

In order to protect your cat from the extreme cold, the first thing you need is a comfortable, warm and cosy bed for your cat. Cats seek warmth and comfort during winter. They would love to snuggle more in your lap and seek comfort in a safe and warm bed. Cat houses and cat beds are excellent to provide them with the necessary comfort. You can choose cat beds and cat houses available in the market or make a customized bed for them as per their specific needs.

Two Cats Relaxing on Bed in Winter

You need to take care of two things here-

1)Ensure that the bed you choose is soft, comfortable and warm enough to protect themselves from the cold.

2) Use room heaters or blowers and place them at a safe distance from their bed. Be careful about the placement of it as it should not be too close to their bed. Also, it should be able to provide them with the warmth that they seek.

Keep Them Indoors to Keep Your Cats Warm –

Cats are natural explorers and they love to explore their surroundings both indoors and outdoors. However, during the chilly winter nights try not to take them out. As the freezing cold winds can take a toll on their health.

Keep Your Cats Warm Indoors During Winter

To make it easier for your cat, provide plenty of avenues for mental stimulation indoors. Spend more time with your cat and engage them in a good amount of playtime indoors. It will help to keep them entertained and they can take rest and snuggle on their bed whenever they want.

Allow Your Cat on Your Bed in Winter-

Cats thrive for some extra attention and cuddling during winter. While you explore the best of options on How to Keep Cats Warm in Winter, keep in mind these particular requirements.

Your cat would want to snuggle in your lap or just curl up in your warm blanket. Though you already have a comfortable bed ready for them, allow them on your bed as it can provide them more confidence to sail through tough winter nights.

Cat Curling up on bed during winter for warmth

You may wonder how to deal with the cat hair everywhere on the bed. A little bit of hard work is needed from your side for their wellbeing. You can use brushes available especially to control shedding.

Also, make sure to brush your cat more frequently to keep the shedding in control. Just devote a few minutes per day for their grooming and you are good to go.


Provide Them Additional Shelter and Hideouts-

Your lap and their cosy bed are the most favourite places for your cat to relax and snuggle. However, cats and mischievous a curious animals by nature. They may get into trouble and catch cold while exploring some ‘not so common’ places by their own. In order to protect your cute little explorer from cold , make arrangements in advance by providing some comfy hideouts and shelters for them. You can place boxes made of cardboards and place a warm blanket inside it. If your cat loves to explore your cupboards then you can make similar arrangements on a particular shelf in your cupboard. These additional protective measures will make sure that your cat feels comfortable wherever they like to relax or hide.

Cat Hideout in a Cardboard-Keep Your Cats Warm in Winter

Watch for Symptoms of Discomfort-

Even after taking all the necessary measures to protect your cat from the cold, they may experience some health issues like sneezing, runny nose, fever, lethargy. If you find out that your cat is experiencing any of these symptoms, it is time to be extra cautious.

Cat Sneezing in Winter

Remember, if your cat feel any discomfort it may affect their behaviour and eating patterns. You need to devote adequate time to comfort them and have a lot of patience while dealing with their behavioural issues.


Be Careful to Keep the Fleas out of the Reach-

There are some fleas and other parasites that thrive in cold weather. Make sure to check for fleas on the fur, neck, ears and tail on a regular basis. If you find any parasite infection, make a visit to the vet immediately and disinfect all the affected areas in your home. You can also use anti-flea collars as an added layer of protection during this phase. Make sure to maintain an overall good hygiene to reduce the chances of flea infection.

Brushing Cats in Winter to keep away fleas


Lastly, take special care to fulfill their nutritional requirements and keep them hydrated to tackle any unexpected health emergencies. Challenges and struggles during weather extremities are inevitable. But does that mean you have no control over it? Absolutely not. You can still do your bit to make it easier for your fur balls. Just a little more of your time, attention and care are all it takes to help your cat to stay safe and sound during winter. Now that you are aware of  How to Keep Cats Warm in Winter, get winter ready  and make necessary arrangements as the winter is around the corner. Get your protection tight and you are good to go. Enjoy winter days with your cat and cherish those extra cuddles that your ‘boss baby’ has to offer you during the winter season.


Happy Pawrenting!