Keeping an eye on your dog’s diet is very important. While you share your life with your dog, you simply cannot afford to share some food items with them as there are some Toxic food for Dogs.


Here is a list of most common human food items that are Toxic for Dogs. Have a look at it to know what those are and what to do if your dog accidentally swallows any of the item from the list.


1) Alcohol-

Alcoholic drinks and food items containing alcohol can cause severe symptoms in your dog even if only a small amount is consumed by them.The symptoms include diarrhea and vomiting. If consumed in significant quantity, it may lead to damage to the central nervous system.

Note- Many pet owners claim to have offered alcoholic beverages to their pets without having caused any harm to them.However, some food items are better left for the humans and you would not want to take any such risk based on a few claims of exceptions.

2) Chocolate-

While chocolate is a tempting treat for humans, it is another poisonous food for dogs. It contains a stimulant called Theobromine which may cause severe issues in dogs like kidney failure.

3) Coffee and Caffeine-

Coffee and other food items containing caffeine are harmful for dogs.Caffeine is known to raise blood pressure and may cause cardiac arrhythmias which can be dangerous.

4) Grapes & Raisins-

Grapes and Raisins are also in the list of Toxic Food for Dogs.Ingesting grapes may potentially lead to acute kidney failure in dogs.Although the exact substance causing toxicity is still unknown and debatable,it is advised to avoid offering these to your dog.

5) Onion & Garlic-

Onion and garlic in any form whether raw or cooked, are toxic for dogs. It can cause severe gastrointestinal irritation. You may not notice immediate discomfort in your dog but some of the most common symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea.

6) Salty Food-

While as an electrolyte, salt is an essential part of your dog’s health, too much salt intake is dangerous for dogs. It can lead to salt toxicosis or hypernatremia. Too much sodium content in blood leads to drawing water out of the cells which can affect the brain and nervous tissues. This is the reason it is advised to stop your dog from drinking salty water when you take them to the beach side.

7) Nuts-

Nuts including almonds,walnuts contain high amount of oils and fats. It can cause vomiting and diarrhea in your dog and may eventually lead to pancreatitis in them. It is advisable to keep them away from your dog’s diet to avoid undesirable circumstances.

8) Sweets-

Sweet cravings are normal for humans. However, your dog is not aware of any such craving. Many Indian Pet Parents offer sweets to their dogs directly from their plates. They consider it to be a ‘token of love’. But please note that sweets are rich in fat and are made of dairy products that are not safe for dogs. Large amount of sugar intake often causes obesity in dogs. Obese dogs are often at the risk of Dog Diabetes and many other health complications.


What to Do if Your Dog Accidentally Swallows any of The Items Listed Above-

While you take utmost care to make sure that your dog do not consume any of the food items that are toxic for them, sometimes they may still escape your sight and  accidentally consume any food listed here. If that happens, do not panic. Take your dog to the veterinarian immediately. Meanwhile if you notice any visible symptoms in them like vomiting or diarrhea, make sure to take a picture of it. It may sound weird to you but trust me, your veterinarian will appreciate this. It may help them to assess your dog’s condition better and arrive at a more accurate diagnosis.



There are many other human food items that are Toxic for Dogs. Hence it is always advisable to be very particular and careful about your dog’s diet. Shower them with all your love and attention but please refrain from sharing your food with them. Consult with your veterinarian for a complete list of food items that your dog can safely eat. Stay safe and stay alert.