Rabbits are very popular as pets in India. While there are around 305 breeds of rabbits all over the world, some make it to the list of  Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in India. If you are planning to adopt a pet rabbit then this article is for you. Know all the breed specific details about rabbits. Those little goofballs never fail to impress us with their long ears and expressive crystal ball like eyes. Let’s impress them by knowing them better.


10 Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in India:

1) Dutch Rabbit:

Dutch Rabbits are definitely one of the Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in India. Their popularity is mainly due to their unique appearance and calm nature.

Dutch Rabbit

Weight- Dutch Rabbits are small-medium sized rabbits. Their average weight usually varies between 2-2.5 kg.

Physical Features- Dutch rabbits have an unique appearance due to the difference in colour on their face & rest of the body. Usually the colour combination is white & black/ brown/ blue. They have round heads & short, glossy fur.

Temperament- They are especially known for their calm and loving nature. They are playful and intelligent rabbits. Their intelligence makes them ‘easy to train’ rabbits.

2) American Rabbit:

According to popular belief, American Rabbits are one of the oldest rabbit breeds bred in the United States. They are currently listed as one of the rarest rabbit breeds in North America.

American Rabbit- Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in India

Weight- Weight of American Rabbits vary between 4-5.5 kg. Female American rabbits are usually larger than males.

Physical Features- American Rabbits have a very dark shade of fur. Their distinguishing physical features include- Mandolin shape, Medium size, Blue and white coloured fur.

Temperament- These rabbits have a sweet, docile temperament. The most unique characteristic of their personality is their excellent mothering ability. They often provide foster care to other rabbits.

3) English Lop:

As the name suggests, the popularity of English Lops are due to their unique droopy ears. They originated in England during 19th century as a fancy domestic rabbit breed.

English Lops- Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in India

Weight- English Lops fall in the category of large rabbits, with an average body weight of 5.5 kg.

Physical Features- Apart from long droopy ears, these rabbits have a broad body frame with thick, soft fur.


Temperament- English Lops have a gentle but curious temperament. They often get scared by loud noise. Their caregivers should make a note of this point to ensure a calm and peaceful environment for them.

4) Lionhead Rabbit:

Lionheads make it to the list of Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in India due to their very special physical features. Their head resembles the head of a lion with a mane.

Lionhead Rabbit

Weight- Lionheads are small sized rabbits. Their average body weight is around 1.5 kg in adulthood.

Physical Features- The lion-like mane of these rabbits cover their face till the back. The colour of their coat varies from black, blue, brown, white, tan and even bi-colour.

Temperament- Playful and gentle lion-heads are easy going and affectionate in nature. They are friendly, social and love to be around their hoomans. They certainly enjoy all the attention that their cuteness draws.


5) Flemish Giant Rabbit:

The origin of Flemish Giant Rabbits was in Flanders. They were widely exported to America from Europe for their meat. However, now they are one of the Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in India as well as other parts of the world purely as domestic pets.

Flemish Giant Rabbit- Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in India

Weight- Flemish Giant Rabbits are one of the largest breeds of rabbits. Their average weight is around 6.5-7 kgs, it can even go up to more than 10 kgs as well.

Physical Features- The unusually large size of these rabbits give them an unique and easily distinguishable appearance.

Temperament- The most important feature of their temperament is probably their cleanliness and trainability. They are often known as ‘gentle giants’ due to their sweet, easy going, gentle nature.

6) Angora Rabbit:

Angora rabbits are said to have originated in Present day Turkey. Their popularity as per rabbits was noticeable during the 18th century in France. Gradually their population started ti spread to other parts of Europe and the world. And now, they are in the list of 10 Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in India as well.

Angora Rabbit- Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in India

Weight- These rabbits weigh between 3.5- 5 kg. They fall in the small sized rabbit breeds category.

Physical Features- The wool like fur of Angora rabbits is their most prominent physical feature. Due to this factor, they have a strict grooming requirement. Their fur covers even parts of their face including their nose. So overall, they are a small, compact sized furry rabbit breed.

Temperament- Calm, docile Angora rabbits are easily trainable and they love to play around. However, if they feel threatened, they can be aggressive which is absolutely not their fault. They can easily adapt to any climatic conditions and hence suitable for any caring household in any corner of this world.

7) Himalayan Rabbit:

Himalayan Rabbits are one of the oldest and Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in India. Their origin is probably in the far-east as popular belief.

Himalayan Rabbit- Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in India

Weight- Himalayan Rabbits are small in size. Their average weight varies from 1-2 kgs.

Physical Features- They have a cylindrical body shape which is unique only to this breed. The color of their coat varies from blue, black, lilac and chocolate. They may also have two shades in their coat.

Temperament- Himalayan rabbits are especially known for their calmness. Overall they have a good temperament & excellent mothering ability.

8) New Zealand Rabbit:

Unlike the name suggests, these rabbits originated in America. But their parent breeds were important from New Zealand and hence the name.

New Zealand Rabbit

Weight- These are medium to large sized rabbits with an average weight of 4-5.5kg. Just like American Rabbits, female New Zealand rabbits are larger than their male counterparts.

Physical Features- White, Red, Blue, Black and Broken are the recognized coat colours of these rabbits according to the American Rabbit Breeders’ Association. They have a muscular build, well-rounded haunches and “flyback” fur.

Temperament- New Zealand Rabbits are very social & outgoing in nature. They are curious and they do not like confinement. These are sturdy and easy going rabbits and also good with kids and other pets like dogs, cats.

9) Soviet Chinchilla:

These docile and sweet rabbits are excellent for first time rabbit owners. They originated in erstwhile USSR.  Breeders mostly used to breed these rabbits for their meat during early 1900s.

Soviet Chinchilla Rabbit

Weight- Average body weight of a Soviet Chinchilla is 4.5-5 kg, which falls in the medium sized rabbit category.

Physical Features- Chinchillas mostly have Black, Grey, White, Beige or multi-shade coats. They have a thick fur and rounded body.

Temperament-  Soviet Chinchillas prefer to have a laid-back lifestyle. They have an excellent temperament and they love to spend time with their humans, play around and relax in their hutches.

10) Satin Rabbit:

As the name suggests, their satin like soft fur makes unique as well as one of the Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in India and the world. According to popular belief, they were accidentally bred by an Indian breeder while trying to improve coat colour of another rabbit breed.

Satin Rabbit

Weight- Adult Satin rabbits weigh between 2.5-4 kgs on average.

Physical Features- The most unique physical feature of Satin rabbits are their smooth fur with a velvet-lke texture. They have a round body, erected ears and wedge-shaped head.

Temperament- The reason of popularity of this rabbit breed is their easy going nature and adaptability. They can be excellent pets for people of all ages including the children and elders. They have a good mannerism and gentle personality.

Rabbits are usually gentle and docile in nature irrespective of their breed, size and age. They thrive for our attention & prefer a calm environment. It is very important that you make a note of these breed specific characteristics of the Most Popular Rabbit Breeds in India. The purpose of it is to be aware of the unique traits of your rabbit and not to discriminate.

Image of a girl cuddling with a rabbit

Remember, small sized pets may feel threatened around other pets due to the awareness of their smaller size. If you have other pets or kids at home, you need to pay attention to the specific needs of your rabbit to make them feel safe & secure. Just a little caution, lots of love and care and you are good to go as a Rabbit Parent.

Happy Pawrenting!